Network Protocol System Passive Testing for Fault Management - a Backward Checking Approach
by : Baptiste Alcalde (GET/INT), Ana Rosa Cavalli (GET/INT), Dongluo Chen (Tsinghua), Davy Khuu (GET/INT), David Lee (Bell).
Conference : FORTE'04 (Madrid).
Date : 9/2004.
Abstract :

Passive testing has proved to be a powerful technique for protocol system fault detection by observing its input/output behaviors yet without interrupting its normal operations. To improve the fault detection capabilities we propose a backward checking method that analyses in a backward fashion the input/output trace from passive testing and its past. It effectively checks both the control and data portion of a protocol system, compliments the forward checking approaches, and detects more errors. We present our algorithm, study its termination and complexity, and report experiment results on a real protocol SCP.

Download : pdf

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